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We are a dedicated team of Social Media experts, SEO consultants and Content authors with more than 5 years of experience. At Bsm Media Solutions, our passion is to help you successfully market your business on your blog and multiple Social Media platforms simultaneously. We can also examine your SEO and make sure it is providing you with the best results possible. With our services you now have a powerful conduit to the world of Social Media, the Blogsophere and SEO services right at your doorstep. With millions of subscribers and users, these huge Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give your business tremendous opportunities to market your products and services. Our Blogging service will draw in your target audience and build authority in your given industry which is a must today. The last piece of the puzzle is ensuring your website has the best possible Search Engine Optimazation (SEO). Whatever be your business – retail, law firm, restaurant, dry cleaner, online entrepreneur, etc. We will go the extra mile to help you promote it. Located quite conveniently in Long Beach, NY, we are always focused on growing your business. Your success is our success! Please reach out to us via our contact form to start booking our services or learn more about how we can help you successfully grow your business. Its not about ideas. It's about making ideas Happen.

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Our services range from setting up your Social Media pages for your business if you have not done so yet to organically growing your Social Media presence at the pace that best suits your needs. We can also create engaging Blog content for your website to build your audience. Our monthly SEO services will drive your website to a better position in Google's search results. This confluence of Media Solutions is at the very core of what we do best! We can offer our recommendation to help you decide which packages are best suited your business goals. From our wealth of experience and research, our team will determine what kind of blog posts and or social media posts will get the most engagement from your target audience. Then, we run a concentrated campaign on these platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest and or your Blog for a single overall goal. With our analytical mindset, we use the insights generated from the posts to make actionable improvements to your blog and across every Social platform we are posting on. Choose any two of our services in any combination either our Blogging packages combined with one of our Social Media posting or SEO packages and receive a 5% discount off your total monthly budget! We can also provide you with a Free SEO audit of your website! You can't fix what you don't know is broken. Use this free audit to action the recommendations we make or book one of our Search Engine Optimazation (SEO) monthly packages and ensure that your website is optimized to unleash it's full earning potential! Do you want more organic traffic? Then let us optimize your on-page & off page SEO to reach your business goals! Combine our Social Media posting, Blogging posting and SEO services together and receive a 10% discount on all three! Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.

Our Customer Service

Our Media Solutions have been designed to deliver a seamless customer service experience. Our Team collectively have completed thousands of projects successfully while reaching or exceeding targeted business goals. Many members of our team have provided consumers with superior services for 5+ years now. We invite your input regarding all aspects of our services, your comments will allow us to dilligently examine any issues you may bring to light. Then we can prudently implement the best course of action based on the given scenario. Our customer service goal is striving to be second to none. We always ensure that we create the best possible product according to your content brief. Before we start working on your campaign, we try to understand your brief and your business as clearly as possible, then craft and attentively execute a campaign that will deliver outstanding results for your business! Our vision is to make you the Hero of the story that we insightfully weave on your behalf across all forms of Media. 


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All services
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Social Media Management

Monthly Social Media Build Package

So you are just starting out. You want to start building a presence on Social Media. That's great because Social …

Build Package
Monthly Social Media Expand Package
So you already have Social media working for you and you are looking to expand your reach! Social Media is …
Expand Package
Monthly Social Media Explode Package
You understand the importance of Social Media to your business, but need to take it to the next level. We can reach & …
Explode Package

Blog Content Creation

Monthly Blog Starter Package
Choosing Bsm Media Solutions for your blogging needs is the simplest way to get amazing content written for your blog …
Launch Blog Package
Monthly Blog Grow Package
Choosing Bsm Media Solutions for your blogging needs is the simplest way to Grow your Blog audience. You as a business …
Grow Blog Package
Monthly Blog Authority Package
Choosing Bsm Media Solutions for your Authoritative blogging needs is the simplest way to get amazing content written …
Authority Blog Package

SEO Services & More

Free On-Page SEO Audit
If you have a website of 3 pages or 100,000, you probably have common SEO issues that are bringing down your search …
One time Fix On-page SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex thing, and many businesses run into problems with their SEO strategies …
Starting at $499 & Up
Custom Service Request

Do you need something not listed on our website? Our talented creative team can craft many outstanding digital …

SEO Starter Package

Start your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) journey here. This package will get your website noticed and on the map …

Per Month
SEO Superior Package

With our Superior SEO package move up even higher in search engines results. Your higher positioning translates into …

Per Month
SEO Skyrocket Package

With our Skyrocket SEO package attain the 1st page in search engines results! Your 1st page positioning will translate …

Per Month


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